Automatic Car Transmissions 101

It is interesting to note that most automatic car's manuals say that you do not have to change the transmission fluid regularly. This is not true though since a lot of car owners are going to the mechanic to have their burned out automatic transmissions fixed. Make it a point that you change your transmission fluid and your car once you hit 30,000 miles to be sure that your car is well maintained. This article will help you to discover some things about your automatic car transmission.

Automatic transmissions generate so much heat caused by friction. These are the following: friction of the fluid churning inside the torque converter, friction created when the clutch plates engage, and the normal friction created by gears and bearings carrying their loads. This friction produces heat that can cause damage to your car's transmission. Overheating is the number one cause of car breakdowns.

Make sure that you are using the correct type of automatic transmission fluid. Using the wrong fluid will cause damage to your transmission as well. The car's dipstick or the car manual will be able to provide you with this information. The type that you need is both indicated there for your reference. Using the wrong type of fluid can affect the way the transmission shifts and feels.

There will be a huge difference when you change the transmission fluid of automatic cars. For one, you will have no drain plug. You have to remove the pan to drain the fluid. Make use of a wide catch pan to get all the fluid that will be dribbling out in all directions. The torque converter contains almost a third of the transmission fluid in automatic cars. This part cannot be drained so this means you are only changing one third of the fluid. It is advisable that you still change your transmission fluid though even if it is only one third.

It is imperative that you clean the pan you removed before you place it back. Make sure that you have the new filter positioned properly as well. It is imperative that you do not overfill your transmission too. This is why you have the dipstick. Afterwards, drive the car around the block to make sure that you can check the fluid level. The fluid level should be checked when the transmission fluid is hot.


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